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Food and Beverage Industry is one of the contributors to the economic development of Nepal. Food and Beverage Industries are growing with advanced technology and costing more and more for the purpose of construction. When the cost of construction goes high, it definitely hurt the entrepreneurs and the industry which ultimately troubles the consumers with pricing.

Regarding this scenario, Sandwich PUF Panel is introduced by Sandwich Home Solutions Pvt. Ltd to help the entrepreneurs related to the food and beverage industries. Sandwich PUF Panel is a prefabricated material made of polyurethane which is usually sandwiched between two metal sheets and it is named “Sandwich”. Sandwich PUF Panels are very popular for lightweight construction purposes. It has wide application areas Today’s subject is more focused on reasons for the application of the Sandwich PUF Panel that ultimately benefit the food and beverage industries discussed below:

Best Substitute for the Concrete

The food and beverage industry itself is a huge industry in the present day. There is a huge requirement for concrete while constructing it. It results in an expensive investment. On the other hand, the use of concrete for construction is time-consuming too. It can be installed easily within a minimum time for completing the project. Then, the entrepreneurs need not have to face unwanted losses of substantial productive time, a bearing of high-interest expenses, or loss of opportunity costs on funds. Whether new construction or re-maintenance of any food and beverage industry, a Sandwich PUF panel is the best substitute instead of concrete.

Product Feature:

  1. Speedy installation
  2. and Low cost.


Installation of Sandwich PUF Panel instead of concrete for construction is easier, faster, and more economical than concrete which results in the following benefits:

  1. Saving invaluable Productive time.
  2. Saving of interests or opportunity costs of funds.
  3. Completion of project on time (Sometimes, completion of the project on time is the prime condition of providing a loan by the bank and financial institution.)

Condensation Preservation/Moisture Resistance

The most crucial factor in the food and beverage industry is moisture resistance. It is a widely used measurement in the processing and testing the food. There is always a high chance of moisture damaging the products during production, packaging, or warehousing in this type of industry.  But sandwich PUF panel plays a vital role in preventing the moisture on your produced products if you construct the production area with it. It is proven to be moisture resistant or condensation preservation due to the insulation feature of PUF used in between the sheets which ultimately saves you from the loss of your precious investment.

Product Feature:

  1. Insulation feature of PUF used in between the sheets.


  1. Saves in losses of food & beverage that could have been damaged by the moisture.

Increase in Operational Efficiency

The food and Beverage Industry requires a lot of manpower and equipment. Constructing the industry with other materials can directly impact the temperature of a working environment in different climate seasons. An extreme temperature (both high and low) causes a decrease in the operational efficiency of both manpower and equipment. But the sandwich PUF panel inversely works for it. For e.g. in the case of winter, some kinds of machines need extra time to be conditioned/heated to operate at a full capacity. Similarly, extreme temperatures adversely affect the manpower to perform at their maximum capacity.

  Product Feature:

  1. Insulation feature helps in maintaining the temperature of the room or inner part of structure than prevailing outside.


  1. Manpower and Machines are not adversely affected by the extreme temperature.
  2. Regular and continuous performance in terms of maximum production.

Low Power Consumption

This type of industry requires a huge power consumption in the process of producing products. The specified temperature is the prime requirement in most of the food & beverage industries depending on the product they produce. There are uses of ACs and other conditioning types of equipment that often consume a large amount of energy resulting in a huge amount of cost to bear.

Product Feature:

  1. Insulation capabilities help in maintaining temperature resulting in low use of ACs and Other conditioning equipment.


  1. Reduction of use of energy.
  2. Cost reduction of the produced products.
  3. Budget Optimization.


Every entrepreneur wants to generate high revenue from their investment projects. So, the construction of the industry would be maintained durability. But the majority of food and beverage industries ignore it and at last, they have to face the financial problems. Investment in construction is not frequent activity in the commercial world as it is deemed to be an unproductive task. Sandwich PUF Panel does not give you a chance to regret it later. It is meant for permanent construction.

 Product Feature:

  1. Long life span durability that goes beyond 40 years (T&C apply).


  1. Makes investors relieved of any construction activities for a long period of time.

Easy to Maintain

Everyone wants their construction to look very attractive which makes the working environment joyful. It is the prime requirement of any food and beverage industry. Sandwich PUF panel helps to make cleanliness and attractiveness in the appearance of the structure for processing, packaging, and warehousing which is very important in the Food & Beverage Industry. Hence, such an industry’s structure needs to be easily washable and maintainable.

 Product Feature:

  1. Attractive for many years, as pre-painted Galvanized Steel sheets are used on both sides of the Sandwich PUF Panel.
  2. Easily washable and maintainable.


  1. Sandwich PUF Panel keeps its new look for at least more than 10 years.
  2. Assist your business to continue for a long span of the period.
  3. Relief from the major renovation of the structure.
  4. Easily washable and maintainable.


Most of the food and beverage industries are found importing the sandwich PUF panel from foreign countries which costs them very expensive. Sandwich Home Solution Pvt. Ltd is the only company that is currently producing “Sandwich PUF Panel” in Nepal. Utilizing homemade Nepali products definitely promotes the economic development of Nepal that have various benefits for your precious invested food and beverage industry.

Product Feature:

  1. Lower the production cost.
  2. Economical to use in constructions.


Buying locally produced Sandwich PUF Panel instead of import helps in achieving the following benefits:

  1. Economical resulting in low production cost of product and thereby low consumer prices which is detrimental to the inflation in the economy.
  2. Employment generation.
  3. Increase in government taxes and incomes.
  4. Economic development as a result of development in the industrial sector.

Other Features and Benefits

Besides the abovementioned benefits, Sandwich PUF Panel possesses the following features from which food and beverage industries can be benefitted:

  1. Environment Friendly
  2. Sound Resistant
  3. Fire Resistant
  4. Comfortable
  5. Installation without interruption of regular work
  6. No need for external and internal decorations
  7. Not water absorbent and does not harbor bacteria
  8. Earthquake resistant

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