C and Z Purlin


C and Z Purlin

संरचनाको तौल र मूल्य कम गर्नु आजको निर्माण कार्यको सबै भन्दा ठुलो चुनौती हो | यस तथ्यलाइ आत्मसाथ गर्दै यस उधोगले C र Z Purlin उत्पादन शुरु गरेको छ | यस्ता च्यानलको प्रयोग सबै किसिमको Truss Work मा गर्न सकिन्छ |


Purlins, most often kept below the roof- are horizontal bars or beams for support in any structure. Purlins help in supporting loads of roof deck. These C and Z purlin are excessively used in large-sized roofing platforms, workshops, factories, and many other industrial sheds. There are different types of purlins according to the form of their shapes or the material they are made up of which can be used for multiple purposes.

C purlin: As the name says, these purlin sheets are in the shape of a C and are primarily used for support of walls and floors. The C or cee purlins have a freestanding stable shape which is easy to handle and also suitable for supporting the beams required for flooring. C purlins have equal extensions on their ends which are used in single spans. These types of purlin sheets are used in the construction of small to medium-sized buildings as structural frameworks.

Z Purlin: Z or zed purlins are available in the shape of Z and are stronger than C purlin. These types of purlins feature one board and one narrow flange which allows the two sections to fit together, making them suitable for lapping. The Z sections having different thicknesses but the same depth can be lapped together to make any combination. The Z or zed purlins act as sheet support by sitting between the roofing sheets and the building ensuring that it is firmly attached and secure in place. Because of their high flexibility and lightweight properties, these purlins are mostly used in industrial and agricultural buildings.

Benefits of C and Z Purlin

  • The purlin sheets are considered ideal for industrial buildings, verandas, and garages as they are strong and reliable.
  • These purlin sheets are available at economical rates as compared to structural steel.
  • They are lightweight and hence, are easy to transport from one place to another.
  • The sheets are available in different thicknesses and also are flexible and durable.

Product Specifications

Length(mm): 305-3962
Thickness(mm): 2
Size: As per specified
Availability: In MS and Galvanized
Note: Price Unit -Per KG.
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