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Sandwich Home Solution Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Sandwich PUF Roof Panel and  Sandwich PUF Wall Panel according to customer’s requirement for construction of prefabricated buildings.

Prefab Structure In Nepal

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What is a prefabricated house?

A prefabricated house, normally known as a prefab house is a type of building construction that is built off-site and then transported to and finally assembled at a final destination.

Prefabricated houses/Prefab building is usually different from the normal specific houses made up of traditional construction materials. 

The prefabricated house normally falls into three categories: Manufactured house, Modular House, and Mobile house.

These prefab houses can be completely built-in a remote building facility and transported where it is set on a permanent foundation. 

Advantages of Prefabricated Houses Over Normal Houses

  • Light Weight
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Weather Resistant
  • Thermal Conductivity
  • Useful in Earthquake Resistant Construction
  • Fire|Water Resistant
  • Available in Different Colors
  • Size can be customized according to customer
  • Environment Friendly
  • Easy Installation, and many more….

Frequently Asked Questions About Prefabricated House

Most of the people are confused about how the prefab houses look like. A prefabricated house is nothing different than a normal house. Moreover, prefabricated houses are highly customizable and can be used to build not only houses but schools, offices, hospitals, hotels, and other different structures. 

As the prefabricated house is heat, water, and earthquake resistant, its lifespan is 50-60 years. Hence, the use of a prefabricated house is totally safe. 

Well, it’s completely your choice to choose what kind of house you want to build. But choosing a prefabricated house saves  90% of your time and money in comparison to traditional construction. 

Benefits of Sandwich PUF Panels

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