Poultry Incubator

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What is an Incubator?

An incubator is an insulated enclosure where the humidity, temperature, and other environmental conditions are adjusted at optimal levels for growth, hatching, or reproduction. Poultry Incubators are normally used to keep fertilized eggs of chickens warm until they are ready to hatch.

These incubators made up of PUF Panels are the rooms heated by electricity where the large electric fans circulate the air to maintain uniformity in temperature, and then the eggs are turned automatically.

Essentials of an Incubator

  • Correct and even tempertaure
  • Correct humidity
  • Correct oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration

These are the important parameters for incubation of good quality fertile eggs which can easily be achieved and maintained by the manufacturers.

Features of Poultry Incubator

✅Egg capacity: 352- 150,000
✅Electricity consumption: 300 to watt 8 KW
✅Size 3*3*3 fit to 12*12*12 fit
✅Full Automatic Full smart
✅Mobile app monitoring system
✅PUF body and aluminum structure inside
✅Light weight
✅2 years warranty.

Few tips to follow while selecting hatching eggs:

  1. Select eggs from the breeders which:
    -are healthy and matured,
    -are not disturbed much during their mating season,
    -have been fed with a complete breeder diet,
    -produce a high percentage of fertile eggs.
  2. Avoid extremely large or small eggs as small eggs produce small chicks and large eggs tend to hatch poorly. 
  3. Avoid eggs having cracked or thin shells.
  4.  Avoid eggs that are excessively misshapen.
  5. Do not wash dirty eggs or dry out the eggs with a damp cloth as it detaches the egg’s protective coating and exposes it to the entry of disease organisms. Only keep the clean eggs for hatching.
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