Polycarbonate Sheets Replacing Fiber Sheet

Crystal And Diamond Polycarbonate Sheet

If you are reading this , you are probably wondering if we should use Polycarbonate sheet or Fiber sheet? Well this thought is extremely valid question to have.

We often find companies continuing to use fiber sheet because  they are unware of the various advantages that polycarbonate sheets provide.

In todays context Polycarbonate is one of the most versatile types of plastic which can be used in industrial applications throughout the world for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Now lets discuss why polycarbonate sheet might replace fiber sheet.

1. Impact resistance

Polycarbonate sheet are well known for its toughness. It can withstand an impact over 900psi where as fiberglass can only withstand about 225 psi. on impact polycarbonate will flex and return to its original shape where as fiberglass can shatter on impact

Winner: polycarbonate

3. Weight

Fiberglass outweighs polycarbonate by varying amounts. In terms of weight polycarbonate is much more lighter yet more durable than the  fiber sheets.

5. Safety

Since polycarbonate is highly impact resistant and extremely known for its toughness it is more secure , where as fiber sheet can shatter on impact the broken pieces of glass might cause physical damage to people. Using polycarbonate sheets in a window and other openings in places provides high security from robbery, impact damages from stones vandalism, where glasses are highly brittle in nature, vulnerable to damages during transportation, crack, and other impact activities. Hence in terms of safety polycarbonate sheet is the best choice.

2. UV Resistance

The polycarbonate sheets are specially formulated with UV inhibitors to withstand longer exposer to the sun. polycarbonate absorbs UV radiation and does not allow it to pass through this uv blocking characteristic is a clear advantage over fiber sheets

winner: polycarbonate

4. Cost

Polycarbonate and fiberglass are comparably priced with all of the above factors fiberglass can cost you more time and money.


6. Possibility To Reprocess

When fiber glass is broken or damaged then it is disposed because it is of no use but in term of damaged Polycarbonate it can be recycled and reused which makes Polycarbonate highly environment friendly as compared to fiber glass

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