Polycarbonate Sheet For Green House

Polycarbonate Sheet For Green House Farming

Polycarbonate Sheet For Green House

The greenhouse is also known as a glasshouse designed for the protection of out-of-season plants against excessive heat or cold. Although greenhouses look like simple structures, there’s more to them. A reliable frame, covering, flooring, and ventilation is very essential for basic operation to maintain the environment, a heating system, and some automated processes.

The Frame: A sturdy frame is necessary to maintain the plastic or glass panels that let in precious light and capture heat in the greenhouse but using Polycarbonate Sheets(PC Sheets)  is more reliable than plastic or glass panels due to their unique and numerous properties.

The basic and important need for the greenhouse is reliable coverings that allow passing light more efficiently which provides insulation from ultraviolet radiation and are shatterproof. The panels should be made of synthetic materials designed to maximize light exposure and help reduce heat loss.

As we know too much exposure to the ultraviolet ray reduces, productivity, and quality in many of the crop plant species. Scientists have found that UV rays affect enzyme reactions that conduct fundamental biological functions.

Why use Polycarbonate in a greenhouse?

Polycarbonate sheet(PC Sheet) is well known for its toughness. It can withstand an impact of over 900psi whereas fiberglass can only withstand about 225 psi. On impact, polycarbonate will flex and return to its original shape whereas fiberglass can shatter on impact.

Polycarbonate sheet(PC Sheets) is specially formulated with UV inhibitors to withstand long exposure to the sun. Polycarbonate absorbs UV radiation and does not allow it to pass through this UV blocking characteristic is a clear advantage over fiber sheets. Polycarbonate sheet is less costly than glass with numerous benefits and properties. Since polycarbonate is highly impacted resistant and extremely known for its toughness it is more secure, whereas glass can shatter on impacting the broken pieces of glass that might cause physical damage to people. Hence in terms of cost, safety, flexibility, UV protection, light exposure polycarbonate wins it all.

The sandwich home solution has been manufacturing various prefabricated materials such as Sandwich PUF Roofing Panel, Sandwich PUF Wall/Partition Panel, Tile Shaped Roofing Sheet, etc. but recently launched its new product “ Polycarbonate sheets “ which can be easily used while constructing an effective greenhouse.

Some applications or areas in which polycarbonate can be used are as follows:

  • Building applications
  • Auto parts
  • Agriculture
  • Safety glasses
  • Swimming Pool Enclosure
  • Electronics
  • Skylights

For further understanding, you can visit Everything about the Polycarbonate Sheet.

Some other advantages of polycarbonate sheets are:

  • It is lightly weighted still very durable
  • Resistance to breakage and cracks
  • Easy to install and can be easily repaired
  • Can be used in more creative design
  • Allows maximum sunlight to pass through it keeping out the harmful ultraviolet rays.
  • Easily available in different, colors and quality
Plain Polycarbonate Sheet
S-span Polycarbonate Sheet
Crystal And Diamond Polycarbonate Sheet
Normal Polycarbonate Sheet
Mat Plain Polycarbonate Sheet

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