Reasons Why Sandwich PUF Panel Construction Is Popular

Earthquake Resistance Building

In the last few years, the use of sandwich PUF Panels is rapidly increasing in the construction industry.
Use of these insulated Polyurethane foam or PUF Sandwich Panel serves as an effective and economical alternative over the traditional housing solutions.
These PUF Panels are available in varieties of thickness and colors and can be customized according to the customer’s requirements. One of the reasons why its use is so popular is because of its versatility and durability.
So, let’s discuss some other reasons why Sandwich PUF Panels are being insanely popular in the construction industry.

Extremely Budget-Friendly

Prefabricated Buildings always require a very little amount in comparison to traditional construction. Moreover, these buildings do not require high-level maintenance which ultimately saves you a lot of money. Prefabricated buildings/offices/schools can be constructed in almost half amount in comparison to the concrete structures.

Useful in Earthquake Resistant Construction

In today’s date, the first concerning thing about constructing any kind of building is either if it offers earthquake-resistant design or not.
The buildings constructed with PUF panels are designed to be earthquake resistant. Proper construction methods are used while constructing by incorporating ductility within the structure of the building.

Easy Construction/Installation

Sandwich PUF Panels being extremely lightweight offers the easiest installation of any kind of building you want to construct. With the help of these panels, your construction site can get ready within a week or two according to your requirements.

Weather Resistant

Sandwich PUF panel are tagged durable as these are weather-friendly products and last for a longer period of time. Any weather conditions do not affect these insulated PUF panels. In addition, these PUF Panels are also fire resistant and suitable for various applications.

Customized according to Customer's Requirement

While these panels are available in different sizes and colors, you can totally customize the thickness and colors according to your needs. No matter what you are constructing- a school building or cold store or mushroom growing house or any other structure, you can always customize the sizes and color according to your requirements.

Environment Friendly

Insulated PUF Panels are ensured to be 100% pollution-free and recyclable products in the construction industry. So, it is one of the most important reasons why you should choose Sandwich PUF Panels for construction as these products can be dismantled any time(if needed) easily and be used somewhere else for the construction of other structures.

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