Everything You Need To Know About Sandwich PUF Panels

PUF Sandwich Wall Panel

Sandwich PUF panels are popular construction materials consisting of an insulation core made up of Polyurethane foam sandwiched between two galvanized PPGI sheets. PUF panels are extensively used for external walls and in internal structures. Panels are provided with groove & tongue and also with Camlock system.

These PUF panels save space heating and cooling energy reducing the energy bills. Depending upon the PUF thickness the insulation comfort gets varied against hot and cold weather. The fire combustion gets retarded and ultimately diminishes in the fire incident.

Features of Sandwich PUF Panels:

  • Adequate thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy installation and less maintenance
  • Cladding and Partition
  • Resistance to earthquake, fire, moisture, corrosion, termites, bacterial growth
  • Environment friendly
  • Lighter in weight
  • Cost-efficient compared to conventional construction

Where can PUF Panels be used?

  • Cold Storage, Cleanroom, Control room, and Datacenter
  • Factory – warehouse, Pharmaceuticals, Food processing industry, Poultry shed, incubation chamber, and agro-processing
  • Exhibition halls, Living Shelters, Defense Camps
  • Residential & Commercial buildings, Prefabricated accommodation
  • Health Centers & Institutions
  • Mushroom Growing Farms

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