Earthquake Resistant Building

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People build different kinds of fancy and impressive buildings and houses without thinking about the consequences often caused by natural disasters like earthquakes. Earthquake being one of the most destructive forces- can destroy everything including the lives of people and buildings.
After experiencing a huge earthquake in April 2015 which left over 300,00 people homeless in Nepal and which affected around 730,00 structures, the lifestyle and the way of living of many people have probably changed. People must have been aware of the earthquake-resistant construction and thinking about the better way of construction for secure and reliable houses.

So, here’s a better solution to construct earthquake-resistant buildings and houses under your budget!

How Does Earthquake Impacts Building?

  • Due to the excess ground-shaking buildings vibrate and as the buildings cannot withstand these vibrations damages the place.
  • In short, earthquake creates horizontal pressure on the buildings, which causes the buildings to collapse.
  • Collapsing buildings not only causes economic loss but also human loss. So, there’s a lot of reason why you should build earthquake-resistant buildings.

Our Products

Along with the lower construction costs, prefabricated houses offers not only attractive but also safe construction alternative to a traditional house. Prefabricated houses have been replacing the traditional way of constructing different kinds of buildings and residential houses in different parts of the world as these earthquake-resistant houses are constructed as stronger as the traditional way of construction.

Prefabricated houses, in general, are extremely lightweight than site-built houses, due to which they are considered useful to build earthquake-resistant houses.

So, Sandwich Home Solution Pvt. Ltd provides you with a better way for constructing earthquake-proof houses within your budget and your choices.