Why Sandwich Home Solution Pvt. Ltd.?

Sandwich Home Solution-Construction Company

Sandwich Home Solution Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2072 B.S. The only goal of the company till today’s date is to provide the best construction services to the clients in the most affordable amount.
With years of experience and a team of experts, Sandwich Home Solution Pvt. Ltd. is able to become one of the best construction companies in Nepal.
From the time of its establishment, we are able to complete around 800 projects all around Nepal which include- residential houses, offices, schools, cold storage rooms, mushroom growing farms, poultry incubators, etc.
Sandwich Home Solution Pvt. Ltd, being one of the leading construction company focuses on the construction of prefabricated houses using PUF Panels.

Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is the most important thing that our team focuses on. We create the highest level of integrity and trust with our clients and value our role in the success of the project. The company has been devoting its best to meet the expectations of the client by completing the project according to their needs.

Quality Matters

Besides all the things, quality is what matters the most while construction of different kinds of buildings. The company itself being the manufacturer of Sandwich PUF Panels guarantees the quality of the products supplied to the clients.

Time Is Everything

The project handed to Sandwich Home Solution is always on time. The construction team always focuses on providing the best service to the client in the given amount of time.

Eco Friendly Construction

One of the great reasons why Sandwich home Solutions is marked as the best Construction Company in Nepal is- it uses completely eco-friendly materials. This company lies on very few of the companies in Nepal which focus on environment-friendly building materials.

Expertise Consultations

The company is made with a great team of experts to consult the clients with the best construction advice. The team helps you to improve the look of your interiors and the ambiance according to your budget and needs.

Budget Friendly Materials

The company provides construction materials at the most affordable price in Nepal. We have been involved in many small-to-large projects to date with different ranges of budget.

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