Frequently Asked Questions

The manufacturing plant of sandwich home solutions PVT. Ltd is located at Bharatpur metropolitan -05 and the main office is located at Bharatpur metropolitan -09, central bus terminal chowk.  
This company is just a manufacturer company but this company links the client with other building company as so to provide services to the client and has been making houses while cooperating with those manufacturing companies.
In normal situations, the doors and windows are the main weak points. Breaking the locks and window is far much easier for the thief than breaking walls in normal situations but sandwich panels are fitted by steel sheets in both sides so they won’t break even if hit hard by the thieves. The use of screws and nails is present there in panel. These nails and screws can be easily removed by hammers or screw drivers. The first thing to be understood is that there are many nails and screws used to install a single panel. The one with the intention of thieving will take a long time to remove them screws and nails. On the other hand the panels can also be strengthened by adding adhesives and silicon’s and the nails anf screws filed down.
The panels will easily last 40-50 years as they are prepared by high grade galvanization process and they are protected both on the inside and inside by anti-corrosive paint.  The presence of abnormal humidity and water may reduce the lifespan by a few years.
The polyurethane used in the preparation of sandwich panels are naturally fireproof to some extent. Because the outside of panels are protected by fire resistant steels as well, there products are safer than other products but they will catch fire if they are out in contact with high heated flames.
Sandwich home solutions Pvt. Ltd is a manufacture company only. We are not directly involved in construction of the house but we will hand over the job of constructing the house to the professionals and provide the necessary guidance and advice.
Sandwich panel can be used along with cement pillars, metal post, wooden posts etc. or a house can be constructed solely by using the panels alone.
Anyone with the enough knowledge on tin roofing, metal TRUSS or any similar fields can easily put together sandwich panels or we can provide training for the builders and also we can handover the work totally to the professionals by contacting the client with the companies or firms that employees the professionals.
As according to the need our company can hook the client up with the professionals at any part of the country. The willing client can also contact us directly at Bharatpur or our branch office located at Kathmandu. The client can also send the local builders to our main office for the training.
The weight of the sandwich panels is 80% less to the concrete/cement pillars so we can easily add floors on the buildings made with 9/9 pillars.
The only products sold are high grade galvanized sheets so the quality is very high.
That is possible but the customization must be in according to the need of the building and engineer accepted.
C & Z Purlin are used for Light Weight Truss. The commonly used Round and Square pipe is not considered safe for the use because to use Round and Square pipe the outer surface is coated with enamel paint but the inside can’t be painted so there are bound to be vulnerable to rust. C & Z Purlin are open pipe so both the sides can be coated by enamel paint so the chances of rust are reduced to almost zero and they last longer as the result.
It is a highly galvanized, colored steel sheet which is turned into a joint.